Career in the Company

Engaging the specialists and enabling them to use their knowledge, skills and talents – that is one of our main advantages over other inspection companies.

We understand that to achieve success our team should be professional. That is why we provide major opportunities to our staff.

Company's success and growth is based primarily on quality of recruiting. We pay close attention to this important process, which, in turn, gives us reliable and loyal specialists. Every manager is responsible for recruiting in his or her particular field. 



If you are a specialist in one of the following fields:

  • Non-destructive control methods  
  • Welding production
  • Insolation coating
  • General construction work 
  • Site engineering
  • Mechanical installation work 
  • Construction of high voltage power lines
  • C&I instrumentation installation 
  • Electrochemical protection
  • Communication lines
  • Submerged crossing construction with controlled directional drilling
  • Offshore construction  
  • Metal works assembly
  • Rotary compressors and machinery
  • Equipment that works under pressure (vessels, isolating devices, pipeline systems)
  • Engineering surveys
  • Warehouse and transport logistics
  • Pipeline transport facility design, arrangement of oil and gas condensate fields

and you are interested in our Company, please contact our office near you.