Staff Certification



High proficiency of Company's specialists is our most important achievement up to this day. 

We are proud of our personnel, and do everything we can on our side to maintain this high level of skills and knowledge.

For implementation of its projects our Company engages local and foreign specialists in compliance with project technical requirements and contract terms. 

Local personnel recruitment policy in region or country of work allows SEG, LLC to engage those specialists that know regional specifics. 

Specialists train in specialized education centers, and Company centers. Education programs are developed by SEG, LLC upon experience of implemented projects and regional specific features.

Level of specialist training is verified with the relevant certificates. This allows for high level work performance in compliance with national and international requirements.

SEG, LLC is connected to “Universal Testing Portal” information system in the field of industrial safety, which allows us to certify construction and engineering supervision specialists. 

To eliminate problems with insufficient training or lack of technical qualifications our Company performs end-to-end knowledge testing of internal standards and Company's requirements. 

If necessary, before recruiting we start education and professional training in
 order to maintain the necessary knowledge level and skills for
specialists engaged in the project.