Staff Training

Company's success is the result of our constant investments in education and development of our employees. Our commitment to constant education is supported in our investment policy by the current and long-term investments, which are allocated by SEG, LLC to professional and personal development of our staff.

We give equal opportunities to our employees, so that they can develop their knowledge and skills, since we are sure that to raise the general professional level of our Company, we need to educate our own specialists.

An important education path are our programs for Company's inspectors that allow our employees to get necessary knowledge and certificates according to regional national standards, and international standards.

These programs tend to be complex and dynamic based on Company's requirements and tasks; they have practical implications.

In order to success in dynamically developing environment and maintain the necessary level of personnel qualification, required by clients and modern technologies, we developed a set of programs that allows to get and maintain the advanced knowledge and skills. Personnel of different level can raise its technical, economical and interpersonal skills necessary for their careers.

Обучение персонала