Technical Audit


Technical Audit (TA) becomes an objective necessity that allows to perform the following set of tasks:

  • Evaluation of manufacturer abilities to provide the Customer with products of acceptable quality and quantity just in the right time. 
  • Inspection of potential goods and services providers during tenders in order to evaluate the actual abilities of candidates along with their reliability; and provision of qualification recommendations. 
  • Technical analysis of manufacturers of materials and resources along with construction subcontractors

These measures allow our Customers to drastically decrease risks associated with in-time quality implementation of projects.

Технический аудит

    Materials and resources include:

    • Oil-field, oil-submersible equipment
    • Drilling tools and equipment, instrumentation
    • Modular oil-field equipment
    • Processing equipment
    • Mechanical equipment
    • Electrical machinery
    • High-voltage equipment
    • Mobile-housing units and modular buildings
    • Pipe-line fittings, pipe joints
    • Well head equipment
    • Industrial metal ware
    • Tubulars
    • Concrete products
    • Protective garments, safe footwear and other PPE
    • Cable products
    • Long-lead items