On-site Concstruction Inspection

On-site construction inspection provides for high quality construction, and timely commissioning of construction object. 
Services of SEG, LLC in the field of on-site construction inspection, which are provided to check the compliance of construction contractors' works and services with established requirements of design, engineering and regulatory documentation, and with Customer’s requirements, include the following:

  • Follow up of incoming control of design documentation and materials/goods employed; selected instrumental monitoring
  • Check of accompanying documentation completeness along with its compliance with rules and regulations (including design solutions, certification requirements, and availability of permits to use the supplied materials and equipment on hazardous industrial facility)
  • Examination of concealed works, critical structures, sections of utility networks with completion of necessary documentation and permits
  • Performing the full or selected quality control of contractors' works (if necessary) using the visual, instrumental and physical methods of inspection
  • Checking of construction contractors' executive documentation along with confirmation of the scope of work performed.

Our Company has extensive experience in provision of main pipeline, pumping stations, tankage, booster pump stations, cluster pump stations, crude oil export flow meters construction oversight, oil and gas field arrangements, including construction of infrastructure objects, plants, administrative buildings, auto roads, and helicopter platforms. 

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Строительный контроль

Строительный контроль