Non-destructive Testing Laboratory


SEG, LLC provide non-destructive testing service in the following fields:

  • Magnetic-field inspection
  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • X-ray inspection
  • Control of insulation coating integrity
  • Capillary method
  • Leak detection

Advantages of SEG, LLC non-destructive testing laboratory

  • High quality work in compliance with regulatory documentation
  • Highly experienced specialists
  • Low cost of non-destructive control
  • Control of main working properties and parameters for object or its separate elements/assemblies reliability without object downtime or dismounting.

Лаборатория неразрушающего контроля

      Laboratory performs non-destructive control of Rostechnadzor-controlled sites:

      1.   Boiler supervision sites (excluding electric control)

      1.1   Steam and water-heating boilers (excluding magnetic-particle inspection and leak detection)

      1.3   Pressure vessels (above 0.7 MPa)

      1.4   Steam and hot water pipelines with working steam pressure above 0.7 MPa and temperature above 115°С

      2.     Gas transmission and distribution systems (excluding magnetic-particle inspection and leak detection):

      2.1   Above ground gas pipelines

      2 . 2.1   Above ground steel pipelines

      2.2   Internal steel pipelines

      2.3   Details and components, gas equipment

      6.    Oil and gas industry equipment:

      6.1   Well-drilling equipment (excluding magnetic-particle inspection)

      6.2   Well operation equipment (excluding magnetic-particle inspection)

      6.3   Well completion, repairs and operation equipment (excluding magnetic-particle inspection)

      6.4   Gas and oil pumping station equipment.

      6.5   Gas and oil product pipelines.

      6.6   Oil and oil-product tanks.

      7. Metallurgy industry equipment.

      7.1. Metal works for technical installations, buildings and constructions.

      7.2. Service gas pipelines.

      7.3. Trunnions of ladle handlers, ladles, pouring ladles.

      8. Explosive-flammable and chemical hazardous production equipment

      8.1.  Chemical, petrochemical and oil-refining production equipment with working pressure up to 16 MPa (excluding magnetic-particle inspection).

      8.2.  Chemical, petrochemical and oil-refining production equipment with working pressure above 16 MPa (excluding magnetic-particle inspection).

      8.4.  Explosive-flammable and toxic substance storage tanks (excluding magnetic-particle inspection).

      8.8.  Furnaces, thermal fluid boilers, industrial power boilers, and waste heat boilers (excluding magnetic-particle inspection).

      8.9.  Compressor and pump equipment (excluding magnetic-particle inspection).

      8.11. Storage tanks, containers (barrels), cylinders and flasks for explosive-flammable and toxic substances (excluding magnetic-particle inspection).

      8.12. Industrial pipelines, steam and hot water pipelines

      11. Buildings and constructions (construction objects).

      11.1. Metal constructions (steel bridge structures).

      11.2. Concrete and reinforced-concrete structures (excluding magnetic-particle inspection, leak detection).

      11.3. Masonry and reinforced masonry structures (excluding magnetic-particle inspection, leak detection).

      12. Electrical energy equipment (Visual and dimensional inspection only).