Technical Inspection

Technical Inspection

We provide full control of materials and resources manufacturing (including long-lead items) in terms of supply contracts signed by Customer, suppliers and manufacturers. 

During the whole manufacturing cycle on manufacturing plant we provide: 

  • Management of material and components incoming control
  • Visual control and control measurement
  • Control of technological operations of equipment manufacturing
  • Control of preparation and application of protective coating
  • Marks checking
  • Weld joints quality control
  • Acceptance testing control
  • Check of staff qualification documentation, material test certificates, availability of test and measurement gauges calibration protocols. 


Техническая инспекция

We have experience of inspections on plants that manufacture tubulars, pipeline fittings, drilling equipment, isolating devices, oil-pumping equipment, charge pumps, crude booster pumps, electric driven pumps, metal works and tanks, crude oil metering systems, SCADA and C&I systems for oil and gas industry sites, tanks and vessels including reactors, casings, separators, furnaces, absorbers, heatexchangers, hydro- and electric drives, compressor equipment cable products (low, medium and high voltage), crude oil heaters, packaged transformer substations, water treatment plants, fire suppression systems, concrete products (PSL, paving slabs, weighting materials and counterweights), which allows us to guarantee that our Customer gets the high quality product.