Construction Testing Lab


SEG, LLC Construction Testing Lab is a certified organization that has all the necessary certificates and permits. 

We offer a wide range of services that provide lab support for a site and construction quality control.

This list includes testing of construction materials: concrete, asphalt concrete, land, sand, rubble, core sampling. 
One of our main advantages is providing the clients with most accurate and trustworthy information, along with transparent pricing. SEG, LLC Construction Testing Lab does not depend on construction material manufacturers in terms of finance or administration, that is why outside pressure is eliminated. 

Construction testing is performed with the reliable modern equipment only, which is totally in compliance with metrological control regulations. Equipment is used by experienced certified personnel only.

If you contact a certified testing lab, you get the full, unbiased and accurate test result as soon as possible.

Строительная испытательная лаборатория

Chemical analysis of metals and alloys

Chemical analysis of metal is necessary if you need to find chemical elements mass fractions in the studied alloy, which allows to identify the steel grade and its adequacy. 

Each steel contains different additions that influence the physical-chemical properties. Metal chemistry is regulated with standard technical documentation, that is why incompliance of the given chemical composition to GOST is considered an evidence of defective work.

Sometimes dishonest suppliers substitute steel, indicated in project, with the less expensive one, which leaves customer with low quality product that does not have the necessary mechanical properties. This in turn lowers the reliability of the object, and leads to accidents on commissioned object.

On acceptance of metal works we recommend to verify the compliance of steel chemical composition with manufacturer’s specifications. This helps to expose a dishonest supplier and drastically cut down the expenses.


One of the most common method of elemental composition analysis is optical emission spectrum analysis. Principle of optical emission spectrum analysis is based on the fact that atoms of each element can emit light of a particular wave length, so called spectral lines, and these wave lengths are different from element to element. These atoms start emitting light only after they are agitated with electric discharge. More atoms of an element is present in the analyzed sample, more bright the emission of the relevant wave length.

 Spectrometer applications:

  • Metal incoming control
  • Steel and alloy quick test on the production floor
  • Any metal grade confirmation including carbon and low-alloyed steels
  • Steel analysis in the field.

Our organization can inspect different metals and alloys to identify the grades. This includes analysis of elements with different complexity, such as carbon, sulfur, phosphorus etc.